Product Content Management (PCM)

ADAM PCM unifies product content, marketing content, and processes to help B2B providers and B2C brands deliver consistent structured content through multiple touch-points.


Deliver a rich customer experience across channels

Brands and B2B providers today need to provide a rich, compelling experience on channels from websites to mobile campaigns to social media—while maintaining consistency in branding, product details, and marketing themes.

  • Brands and B2B providers need to be able to deliver a steady stream of relevant content through multiple customer touch points in real time.
  • Creatives need to be able to access and blend content from multiple siloed content systems accurately and efficiently.
  • Marketing teams need to ensure that branding and product information are up-to-date and accurate everywhere they appear, every time.
  • Companies need to achieve fast time-to-market and optimal agility while controlling costs.
  • Product information—including brand assets, marketing content, specifications and pricing, online video, and other rich media—must flow easily through any available channel in the right format, with the flexibility to adapt to new formats as they emerge.

ADAM PCM makes it simple to deliver the right content through multiple touch points at each step of the customer journey.

The ADAM PCM – a better way for marketing teams to manage content

ADAM provides a solution to unify product content, marketing content, and processes to help businesses deliver a compelling customer experience, more efficiently.

A single, centralized repository synced in real-time from ERP, PLM, DAM, CRM, or other systems makes it simple to access and work with product and brand information from disparate sources within the same interface.

Unified workflows streamline and accelerate processes for marketing content creation, annotation, product launch, collaboration, translation, localization, and more.

Tailored functionality lets product marketing managers, brand managers, marcom managers, and creatives manage and work with content according to their needs.

An open enterprise architecture lets you integrate with any enterprise content system and deliver content through any channel, including ads, social media, ecommerce, print collateral, and online video—with the flexibility to adapt to new formats.

The Benefits of the ADAM PCM solution

A compelling, consistent customer experience

  • Marketing teams can collect, aggregate, and manage unstructured data (such as rich media and product content) from any system to create structured content such as compelling campaigns, promotions, and product bundles
  • Marketing content flows easily through any online, mobile, and print touch-point to deliver the right experience, the right way at each stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Product details and pricing data are always consistent with ERP no matter where they appear
  • Branding and marketing themes can be controlled centrally and applied across channels in real time


  • Streamlined workflows shorten time-to-market for product launches
  • Open integration breaks down siloes among enterprise content systems for simpler marketing processes
  • Real-time information sync and updates prevent costly errors and inconsistencies


  • Teams can easily structure and create content suited to specific global or local markets, presented with the appropriate languages, currencies, and images for leach location
  • Product and product groups are completely configurable for quick creation of bundles, solutions, and promotions for any market at a global or local level


  • Teams can access and work with content in any format, and deliver content through any channel, within the same interface
  • Companies can integrate any existing enterprise content system, and accommodate emerging formats easily
  • Enterprise scalability lets deployment start small and grow through integration and customization

Realworld Scenario

A Europe-wide product launch

A European Product Manager is launching a new product and wants to give Country Product Managers the flexibility to adopt this product, localize descriptions and images, and classify the product in their local catalog.

The European Product Manager logs onto the master catalog in the ADAM PIM Studio where there’s a process flow reminder to fill in required data – product specific information held in specific data fields or links to images, documents, and SKUs. All data fields and relations can be configured in the setup, to enable the European Product Manager to define the marketed product and relate it to others.

As soon as this new product is saved in the database, notifications are automatically sent out to Country Product Managers that a new product has become available. Clicking on the To-Do List item brings up the details of this product and a single mouse-click allows users to adopt the product in their local catalog and inherit all appropriate related products and aspects at the same time.

Country Product Managers can then allocate this product in their local catalog structure, translate the data, and select images and text for their local market. Any additional region-specific aspects can be associated with the product – for example, different regional implementations of an additional safety feature.

The result – a master catalog and regional catalogs that are adapted to specific marketing and language requirements with assets and data drawn from centrally held enterprise system information.

ADAM Software – Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Entrepreneurial
Company of the Year Award in DAM

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