Omnichannel Catalog Publishing

Centralized automation is the key to ensuring data accuracy and speeding time-to-market. ADAM’s uniquely flexible omnichannel catalog publishing system will change the way you work without imposing creative restrictions.

The Challenge of creative omnichannel catalogs

Global markets, faster cycle times and new digital media have brought increased complexity to catalog creation. But IT systems don’t provide the control or scalability to exploit new digital assets, nor the flexibility to automate key publishing processes.

Marketing requirements will grow with personalization and multi-channel distribution. But your objective remains the same:

  • Provide flexibility for designers to deliver original and appealing content to localized markets
  • Efficient operational workflows so catalogs are timely, cost-effective, up-to-date and accurately tuned to markets.

The ADAM Solution for automating catalog production

ADAM delivers attractive and inspiring, up-to-date, market-specific catalogs faster, with fewer errors and strong attention to brand consistency.

The ADAM platform is available in various configurations: Enterprise, Corporate and Express Editions depending on your licensing requirements. ADAM DocMaker and ADAM PageBuilder extend the core configurations.
  • Good automation for great organization: ADAM provides the organization of high volumes of digital assets through intuitive taxonomy, metadata, classifications, for diverse versions and file-types.
  • Product data management: With the addition of ADAM PIM Studio, ADAM centralizes ERP product data and related digital media management for accuracy and consistency.
  • Convergence of media and workflow: To reduce creation cycles and costs, ADAM PageBuilder provides an automated catalog production tool to make building catalogs as simple as selecting a template, a product section then clicking create.
  • Automation without restrictions: ADAM catalog publishing works in parallel with Adobe® InDesign® and InDesign Server® enabling designers to create stunning layouts which are made available as templates for catalog production. It improves efficiency, saves time and guarantees quality output.
  • Control and Creativity: ADAM lets designers rework pages or individual content in any way they want without risking quality, consistency or disrupting the automation process at any stage of catalog creation. Global approval processes are easy to set up for effective collaboration.
  • Suited to any products, in any language: ADAM is easy to set up for producing all types of collateral – from annual, seasonal, short-run/promotional catalogs, to single product sheets and in multiple languages with localized content.
  • Print anywhere with confidence: ADAM streamlines the delivery of print-ready PDF to external providers through tools that incorporate file transfer, special instructions and standard approval cycles.

Technology should make catalog publishing easier,
more efficient and more creative than ever before.

Realworld Scenario

A seasonal, printed catalog for the Italian market

A Product Manager at a global clothing company is producing a catalog of products from the spring/summer collection for the local Italian market. Using ADAM PIM Studio, the Product Manager selects the products and the Italian descriptions from the database. The Designer works on layouts in Adobe InDesign which are ingested into ADAM PageBuilder.

The Product Manager now builds the catalog with a simple click: the layouts are automatically filled and paginated and the catalog is built in record time. The Designer can use ADAM Creative Suite Connector to edit the document to add a stylized cover without leaving the Adobe InDesign working environment.

The catalog is now exported to PDF and the file is circulated to staff for approval. It’s generated as a print-ready, standards-based PDF and uploaded to the printer with instructions for output.

ADAM Software – Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Entrepreneurial
Company of the Year Award in DAM

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