Global Brand Management

A strong global brand requires clear and controlled communications to stand out in the complexity of today’s multi-language, multi-channel distribution.

The Challenge of increasing brand complexity

Brand managers are looking to put their brand at the heart of the marketing machine to simplify how users find and use brand collateral. For better brand consistency whatever the language, format, distribution channel or campaign timing, they need:

  • Strong control of the creation of brand assets, their usage and distribution
  • Fast and efficient internal approvals and workflows
  • Flexibility to support regional, channel or time-specific campaigns

The Solution for media intelligent global brand management

ADAM delivers a media intelligent way to centralize and control approved materials for brand consistency and impact.

ADAM Enterprise Edition can be deployed to an unlimited number of users and includes full ADAM functionality. Corporate and Express Editions also exist for organizations with smaller licensing requirements.
  • A single source: logical organization of large volumes of digital assets through taxonomy, metadata, classifications and versions.
  • Assets easy to find and use: intuitive organization with a highly functional search engine to gain time and boost productivity.
  • Controlling rights and distribution: comprehensive management of user permissions and security including time and user-defined rules and approvals throughout the “create, manage and deliver” cycle. It means greater efficiency in the way assets are stored and shared.
  • Integrated workflow: to manage marketing and communications workflows, monitor project status and track progress of marketing campaigns.
  • Scalable: to grow with the demands of organizations to safeguard your technology investment and ensures brand management tools can respond to new trends without lengthy development cycles.
  • Simplified user experience: enabling users to work fast and efficiently in their daily working environment – Mac or PC – without the need for expensive training programs.
  • Timely translations: for simple editing, localizing and management of brochures and catalogs linked to marketing workflow to ensure quick and controlled approval of the use of brand assets.

The ADAM platform guarantees brand consistency by
ensuring that every asset has a single, centralized source
that can be shared in a variety of ways.

Realworld Scenario

A multi-player workflow – from collateral creation to timed distribution

A US-based kitchenware producer is launching a new range of utensils. The photographer, based in Europe, shoots the products and upload his photos to ADAM via FTP.

A designer in New York works directly in Adobe® Creative Suite® to select the photos and InDesign® template and create a design which triggers an approval process. The Marketing Manager previews it within his browser, approves the English language copy and Translators in different countries are notified that copy is required.

Once the marketing materials are ready, translated and approved, the marketing campaign is coordinated to sync with different product release cycles.

Once the materials are released to local markets, a German user sends the file to a local printer and a storeowner with restricted access downloads a PDF version to print in-store.

ADAM Software – Frost & Sullivan 2011
Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in DAM