Enterprise Marketing Collateral Localization

A centralized platform that enables high-quality marketing collateral to be adapted for local markets and delivered on a global scale.

The Challenge for global marketing

Producing marketing and sales materials in different languages for different regions often involves connecting multiple contributors in offices across the world. If there isn’t a simple, efficient way to create, manage and distribute digital assets, brand consistency and time-to-market suffer. The solution lies in a centralized platform that:

  • Enhances both creativity and control for stronger brand communications
  • Enables flexibility to in localizing collateral for local markets
  • Streamlines processes for design to deliver workflows

The Solution for global brands

ADAM streamlines enterprise localization for effective user interaction and efficient marketing workflows.

The ADAM platform is available in various configurations: Enterprise, Corporate and Express Editions depending on your licensing requirements. ADAM DocMaker extends the core configurations.
  • Single source: with taxonomy, metadata and classifications, and a powerful search engine, finding the right resource is a simple search away.
  • Multilingual workflows: to ensure brand consistency with local flexibility. Using Web2Print tools, translators can add localized text without requiring the creation of new documents.
  • Creative centralization: allowing users to create and edit their own printed matter from approved templates through a streamlined workflow that integrates with existing design/studio processes to boost accuracy and productivity.
  • Securely interconnecting users: provides management tools to define permissions, approvals and template-text to deliver the best quality results securely in the fastest time.
  • Intelligent workflow tuned to marketing cycles: rules and status based workflows keep marketing processes structured with centralized control no matter how complex the workflow, groupings of collaborators or regional requirements.
  • Timed release to match product cycles and campaigns: rules-based control to program release and closure dates in any location to maximize the timeliness of local campaigns.
  • Intuitive and efficient: enabling users to get working fast and efficiently. Whether on Mac, PC or mobile devices, ADAM offers a familiar web browser environment for key localization actions. Less time and money spent training users, and with instant global reach.
  • Measuring effectiveness: the tools to monitor jobs in progress – live previews of documents being worked on, as well as status reports to measure efficiency of campaigns.

Multilingual content needs to be centralized and subject
to rigorous approval like any other content.

Realworld Scenario

A Discount Promotion

A Marketing Manager decides to create a new discount promotion to support an upcoming campaign that will be localized by store, language and country. A Marketing Assistant create a new flyer in ADAM DocMaker Studio and adds placeholders for every language edition needed, specifying who should modify which edition and/or which page elements. ADAM automatically creates base versions for each language edition and applies security settings to each edition.

A local Marketing Assistant receives a To-Do list task asking her to change the visuals in the flyer for the local market. She opens her local edition and replaces visuals retrieved from ADAM Asset Studio. She completes and saves her task in ADAM. A Translator receives notification for a specific language edition. He opens the file, adds his translations in the fields he has the rights to modify and marks his task as completed.

When all the editions are ready for their localized markets, the Marketing Assistant previews the publication as a low-res PDF and, after approval, generates the high-res output for production. He now has several options: switch to ADAM Workflow Studio to attach the flyer to a workflow for further approval before it gets printed, or deliver the flyer immediately to the printer(s) through email, FTP or a download area in ADAM.

ADAM Software – Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Entrepreneurial
Company of the Year Award in DAM

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