Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Enterprise-level companies need an intelligent, intuitive and organized way of creating, managing and distributing their digital assets.

The Challenge of improving digital asset management

For an organization handling large quantities of digital assets – product images, brochures, marketing materials, videos – providing controlled access to a centralized library of digital assets for users worldwide can be complex. It’s critical to:

  • Maintain consistency at a global, multilingual, and localized level
  • Manage ever increasing volumes and types of digital assets
  • Repurpose and distribute assets to a range communication channels

The ADAM Solution for digital asset management

ADAM provides a solution that can efficiently organize and distribute digital assets, provide user-permission controls and make the process of preparing and deploying assets for publication as seamless as possible.

ADAM Enterprise Edition can be deployed to an unlimited number of users and includes full ADAM functionality. Corporate and Express Editions also exist for organizations with smaller licensing requirements.
  • Intuitive organization: taxonomy, security options and comprehensive metadata that give easy to use, controlled access to asset required
  • Media intelligent workflows: to streamline and automate common repetitive tasks and setting up approval cycles or rules-based workflows
  • For any media type: flexible enough to handle any existing or future file type of any size – from simple JPEGs to 3D, video and any other format.
  • Scalable and adaptable: to respond to expansion into new devices and channels and flexible to grow with the needs of your enterprise.
  • Secure and simplified access: well-controlled access to digital assets anywhere, any time for internal and external stakeholders (agencies, partners, customers, etc.), improving the efficiency of interactions and reducing time to market.
  • Managing multilingual content: centralizing support for all users in global, multilingual and localized marketing, so finding the resource is never more than a simple search away – wherever you are on the globe.
  • Future-proof BPMS workflows: ADAM is built on an open architecture that makes possible the integration of business processes like road maps, milestones and powerful measurement tools

The bottom line? ADAM makes creating, centralizing and retrieving multilingual assets in any file format a breeze.

Realworld Scenario

Global Collaboration and Sharing

A global campaign is planned at ‘ACME’ Company in Europe to launch a brand-new product.

After briefing, a Creative Professional in HQ uses product images and data to create a marketing asset for the product, then tags it accessible and ready for approval from the Marketing and Campaign Managers.

After corrections from the Campaign Manager, the asset is approved and made available to other country Marketing Teams who create localized, multilingual versions of the materials. This process takes place without different versions of the asset ever leaving the centralized system. At the same time, localized versions of images deemed necessary for certain markets are also deployed.

Taxonomy and metadata are coherently maintained, and all the assets for all the countries are still stored in one central location where they can be accessed by stakeholders who have the correct permissions to do so.

Once the asset is approved for its various markets, it can be further tagged and made accessible for repurposing by different departments or clients across the globe.

Time to market is reduced, brand consistency is improved, and workflow is simpler than ever before.

ADAM Software – Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Entrepreneurial
Company of the Year Award in DAM

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