Business Propositions

ADAM is a highly flexible and scalable platform that solves business problems and brings an intelligent, intuitive and organized approach to managing media and marketing workflows.

The propositions below will, we hope, make it clear that whatever your market, whatever your needs, if you use media, ADAM can make your work flow better.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management iconEnterprise-level companies need an intelligent, intuitive and organized way of creating, managing and distributing their digital assets.

Product Content Management (PCM)

Product Content Management iconEnterprises need to interconnect Product Management and Marketing into one centralized resource with control for product consistency and flexibility.

Global Brand Management

Global Brand Management iconGlobal brands require clear and controlled communications to stand out in the complexity of today’s multi-language, multi-channel distribution.

Enterprise Marketing Collateral Localization

Enterprise Marketing Collateral Localization iconA centralized platform to enable high-quality marketing collateral to be adapted for local markets and delivered on a global scale.

Omnichannel Catalog Publishing

Omnichannel Catalog Publishing iconCentralized automation is the key to ensuring data accuracy and speeding time-to-market. ADAM’s uniquely flexible catalog publishing system will change the way you work.

Corporate Video Management

Corporate Video Management iconWith business communication becoming ever more visual, Corporate Video Management has exploded to become an essential requirement for the enterprise.