White Papers

ADAM Software is highly rated as a thought leader in the DAM and Marketing/Media Execution market. Our white papers show you why. (Login required)

  • ADAM Library White Paper Brand and Product must Blend DAM & PCM Brand and Product Must Blend for Rich-Media Customer Experience

    Great Customer Experience cannot be reached without a blending of DAM (Digital Asset Management) and PCM (Product Content Management) technologies to exploit a world of evolving screen types with rich media.

  • ADAM Library White Paper CIOs are Increasingly Interested in DAM Why CIOs are increasingly interested in DAM

    New technologies have created a new world of marketing and have led to an increased importance of marketing activities within the enterprise. To cope with this rapid evolution, CIOs and CMOs need to work together to implement the right next-step technology – Marketing and Media Execution Platforms (MEP).

  • ADAM Library White Paper DAM What's Next? DAM - What's next?

    This highly insightful white paper discusses the current state of play of Digital Asset Management (DAM) technologies and the evolution towards Marketing Execution Platforms (MPE) we can expect to see in the coming years. The author is Pieter Casneuf, CEO at ADAM Software.

  • ADAM Library White Paper Another Island in your IT Infrastructure DAM - Another Island in your IT-infrastructure?

    In our view, DAM systems should not only include image management, but they should also allow full integration with all your business processes. This whitepaper by Pieter Casneuf, CEO at ADAM Software NV, explains this in detail.

  • ADAM Library White Paper Graphical Workflows DAM Integrated in Existing Graphical Workflows

    An increasing number of files come into the workflow via digital channels and do not exist on media that could be put in the job bag. This is where a possible problem arises: the job bag needs to refer and point to digital files are stored on a file system or a file server. The author is Dirk Noppe, joint Founder at ADAM Software.

  • ADAM Library White Paper Cookbook ADAM Cook Book

    This ADAM Deployment Cook Book is intended for potential new customers and includes a range of experiences from successful customers, hints from implementation partners and consultants and some examples to inspire upcoming projects.