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Seven Steps to Improve the CIO-CMO Partnership


ADAM recently hosted a webinar based on a research study conducted by EPAM Systems in partnership with CIO magazine and The CMO Club. The goal of the research was to better understand how CIOs and CMOs are actually working together and where challenges in the relationship still exist. The webinar was presented by Kevin Labick, Co-Head of Digital … [Read more...]

Why Enterprises Need to Integrate Product Information and Marketing Content

Last fall, Forrester Consulting (a unit of Forrester Research) published a white paper – Bridge The Commerce/Content Divide – that discussed the importance of fostering greater collaboration between corporate marketing and e-commerce teams. The white paper was based on 153 online surveys and five in-depth interviews with web content and e-commerce … [Read more...]

The Growing Importance of Online Video Content

Advertising age

The April 13, 2015 issue of AdvertisingAge included a collection of articles dealing with the rising importance of online video content in the world of advertising and marketing. Several of the articles focused on the advertising opportunities provided by online video programming offered by companies like Netflix, Yahoo, and … [Read more...]

The Rise of Experience Marketing

Discover Experience Marketing

Sitecore, an ADAM strategic partner, recently published an e-book – Discover Experience Marketing – that provides important insights regarding the challenges and opportunities facing enterprise marketers. In the new e-book, Sitecore observes that there have been multiple waves of digital change over the past several years, driven by a … [Read more...]

ADAM Sync! Provides Insights on DAM and Product Confusion

Earlier this year, ADAM hosted our Sync! 2015 conference for our customers, business partners, and potential customers. Conference sessions were held in Ghent, San Francisco, and New York, and we’re delighted that altogether we had more than 400 attendees. Sync! allows us to share our vision regarding the evolution of marketing technologies in … [Read more...]

The State of Customer Relationship Management in B2B Companies


During the fourth quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, Gleanster Research (in collaboration with Act-On Software) surveyed marketing professionals in 750 mid-sized business-to-business companies regarding the role of marketing in managing customer relationships across the entire customer lifecycle. Perhaps the most significant … [Read more...]

The State of B2B Customer Experience


Over the past few years, a growing number of enterprise marketers have recognized that delivering outstanding customer experiences has become paramount to business success. Much of the conversation about customer experience has focused on B2C companies and consumers, but providing great customer experiences is equally important for B2B enterprises. … [Read more...]

How Enterprise Marketers See the Future


A recent research study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides revealing insights regarding how senior marketing leaders around the world see the future of marketing. The rise of the marketer:  Driving engagement, experience, and revenue is based on survey responses from 478 senior marketing executives from North America, … [Read more...]

How to Effectively Manage Operational Marketing Data

Operational Marketing Data

As both consumers and business people increasingly use digital devices and online channels to access information, make purchases, and interact via social networks, the volume of data regarding these activities grows exponentially. Many marketing thought leaders believe that this big data constitutes a treasure trove of information about customers … [Read more...]