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Are Comprehensive Marketing Technology Systems on the Horizon? Marketing Technology Landscape

The proliferation of marketing technologies over the past several years has been nothing short of spectacular. In the latest version of his marketing technology “supergraphic,” Scott Brinker identified almost 1,000 distinct technology vendors, and Scott acknowledges that his graphic isn’t complete. The result is a complex and fragmented marketing … [Read more...]

More Evidence Regarding the Power of Rich Media

A recent article at eMarketer reported that online rich media ads are outperforming standard banner ads in terms of both clickthrough rates and engagement rates. The article was based on data released in September 2014 by Adform. The data reflects worldwide activity on the Adform platform that occurred during the first half of 2014. According to … [Read more...]

Why Security Matters in Marketing Software

The security capabilities provided by marketing software applications are not discussed as frequently as they should be. In reality, the continuing evolution in how enterprises are using marketing software systems has elevated security from an administrative task to an issue with major strategic implications. Until fairly recently, the software … [Read more...]

Why Multilingual Marketing Has Become Essential

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Senior leaders in virtually all kinds of large enterprises face relentless pressures from financial markets to grow and keep growing faster and faster. This mandate for growth originates from impatient investors who are always seeking an above-market-average return on their investment. Even growing companies cannot escape the growth imperative. … [Read more...]

Why Integration Can Be Innovative

The title of a recent post by Theresa Regli at the Real Story Group blog posed the question:  “Are DAM vendors really innovating by selling Product Content Management?” Ms. Regli’s emphatic answer to this question is “No.” Ms. Regli contends that the PCM components offered by DAM vendors are mostly “just pulling and pushing data,” and that they … [Read more...]

The Customer Retention Disconnect

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A 2014 survey by Forbes Insights in association with Sitecore (an ADAM strategic partner) revealed that senior business leaders recognize the importance of understanding the lifetime value of customers and building the kinds of relationships that create strong customer loyalty. However, the same study also revealed that most companies are still … [Read more...]

Using DAM to Support Content Creation, Review, and Approval

Creative Lifecycle Management

In an earlier post, I discussed how the growing importance of marketing content, especially rich media content, is creating a pressing need for more robust digital asset management solutions. The need is greatest in large global enterprises, where marketers require efficient and controlled processes to handle increasing operational … [Read more...]

Forrester Says ADAM is a Leader in DAM for Customer Experience

In November, Forrester Research released The Forrester Wave™:  Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience. In this report, Forrester named ADAM Software as one of only two “Leaders” in the DAM for customer experience space. Forrester wrote that ADAM illustrated “forward-thinking vision” and “increasing market traction.” At ADAM, we’re … [Read more...]