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Improved Customer Insights and Integration are Top Priorities for Enterprise Marketers


Developing a deeper understanding of potential customers and integrating marketing activities will top the list of priorities for enterprise marketers in2015, according to a recent survey by Marin Software. The survey was fielded in the fourth quarter of 2014 and included more than 300 digital marketers based in the United States and the United … [Read more...]

How DAM Supports Multilingual Marketing

Willy Brandt, the former chancellor of West Germany, once said, “If I am selling to you, I will speak English, but if you are selling to me, dann müssen sie Deutsch sprechen.” This simple statement by Herr Brandt captures the importance of providing marketing content in multiple languages. Research has also demonstrated why multilingual … [Read more...]

Interactive Content Drives Improved Marketing

Interactive Content

Most marketers agree that content marketing has become a core marketing strategy for most enterprises. It’s also now clear that the use of content marketing is continuing to grow, as illustrated by the following findings from the latest annual content marketing survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs: 93% of survey … [Read more...]

Why DAM Has Become a Key “Business Technology” System

Information Technology versus Business Technology Forrester

Enterprises across all industries must create interactive, lasting engagement with customers and prospects in order to win in today’s competitive environment. The need to deliver exceptional customer experiences is requiring enterprises to change every part of their business operations. Companies are shifting technology investments from … [Read more...]

Using DAM to Provide Compelling Digital Experiences

Digital Exerpience

One of the recurring themes of my posts here is the evolving role of digital asset management in the marketing efforts of large global enterprises. Research by several firms has produced compelling evidence that delivering outstanding customer experiences has become a major driver of competitive advantage for most kinds of businesses. It’s … [Read more...]

Are Comprehensive Marketing Technology Systems on the Horizon? Marketing Technology Landscape

The proliferation of marketing technologies over the past several years has been nothing short of spectacular. In the latest version of his marketing technology “supergraphic,” Scott Brinker identified almost 1,000 distinct technology vendors, and Scott acknowledges that his graphic isn’t complete. The result is a complex and fragmented marketing … [Read more...]

More Evidence Regarding the Power of Rich Media

A recent article at eMarketer reported that online rich media ads are outperforming standard banner ads in terms of both clickthrough rates and engagement rates. The article was based on data released in September 2014 by Adform. The data reflects worldwide activity on the Adform platform that occurred during the first half of 2014. According to … [Read more...]

Why Security Matters in Marketing Software

The security capabilities provided by marketing software applications are not discussed as frequently as they should be. In reality, the continuing evolution in how enterprises are using marketing software systems has elevated security from an administrative task to an issue with major strategic implications. Until fairly recently, the software … [Read more...]

Why Multilingual Marketing Has Become Essential

Multilingual icon

Senior leaders in virtually all kinds of large enterprises face relentless pressures from financial markets to grow and keep growing faster and faster. This mandate for growth originates from impatient investors who are always seeking an above-market-average return on their investment. Even growing companies cannot escape the growth imperative. … [Read more...]