ADAM SharePoint Connector 3.1 Provides Two-Way Flow of Digital Assets with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

(posted: 18/12/2012)

Ghent, Belgium and New York, NY, December 18, 2012 – ADAM Software today announced an update to ADAM SharePoint Connector, providing a huge leap in the productivity that can be achieved when handling rich-media digital assets within Microsoft SharePoint 2010. SharePoint Connector 3.1 now gives fully bi-directional leverage of digital assets stored in ADAM, allowing search, download, editing, uploading, etc. This provides Microsoft SharePoint 2010 users with an array of previously unavailable DAM features.

“With SharePoint Connector 3.0 we set out to let Microsoft SharePoint users harness the power of ADAM without having to leave their familiar workspace,” said Petra Tant, Product Manager at ADAM Software. “With the release of SharePoint Connector 3.1, we’ve gone further still, adding the ability to quickly access and download rich-media assets, including graphics, audio, video and Adobe® InDesign® files, held on ADAM without those assets moving from the DAM. This seamless integration between SharePoint and DAM technologies eliminates the need for parallel workspaces, resulting in significantly reduced complexity, learning requirements and risk.”

SharePoint users can download selected digital assets to a SharePoint library in a variety of formats such as screen, Web, print and full resolution. The user then has total flexibility to edit the assets’ metadata, with the option to upload the modified version back to ADAM.

SharePoint users can now create workflows for annotation and approval of files. ADAM’s enterprise-level security makes it possible to control and monitor precisely the tasks carried out by each workflow participant. An FTP link provides a quick and easy way for others to access files held in the SharePoint library, regardless of file size, while a basket facility makes selecting items simple.

For more information, please visit: ADAM SharePoint Connector 3.1 Product Page

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